Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 5 Top 5 Lists Related To, But Not Including, Charade

With a tip of the hat to the Filmspotting podcast, which features a Top 5 list with every episode, and which is itself inspired by Nick Hornby's book High Fidelity, which anyone with an unhealthy attachment to pop culture and/or lists should read, here are five Top 5 lists inspired by this week's Metro Classic.

Top 5 Audrey Hepburn Films:

1. Funny Face (Stanley Donen)
2. Breakfast At Tiffany's (Blake Edwards)
3. Sabrina (Billy Wilder)
4. My Fair Lady (George Cukor)
5. Two For The Road (Stanley Donen)

Top 5 Cary Grant Films:

1. North By Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock)
2. Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks)
3. The Philadelphia Story (George Cukor)
4. His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks)
5. Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock)

Top 5 Stanley Donen Films:

1. Singin' In The Rain
2. Funny Face
3. It's Always Fair Weather
4. Two For The Road
5. On The Town

Top 5 Films of 1963:

1. 8 1/2 (Federico Fellini)
2. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)
3. Contempt (Jean-Luc Godard)
4. High And Low (Akira Kurosawa)
5. The Great Escape (John Sturges)

Top 5 Non-Hitchcock Hitchcockian Films:

1. Peeping Tom (Michael Powell)
2. La jetée (Chris Marker)
3. Marathon Man (John Schlesinger)
4. Perfect Blue (Satoshi Kon)
5. Dead Again (Kenneth Branagh)


sean said...

Billy Wilder's Witness For The Prosecution should probably be on that last list, but Hitchcock didn't really care for Agatha Christie-type films, and it's based on one of her plays.

Ronan said...

Never really thought of La Jetée as a Hitchcock film.

sean said...

Marker's called it his version of Vertigo.

Mikey said...

Thanks for avoiding DePalma on that last list.

What about top five movie mustaches?

1. Charlie Chaplin
2. Groucho Marx
3. Sam Elliot
4. Willford Brimley
5. Daniel Day Lewis (in Gangs of New York)

Thanks to google for jogging my memory on those last two.

sean said...

Are you implying that Audrey Hepburn is mustachioed? How dare you, sir!

Brian DePalma wishes he could make one of my Top 5 lists.