Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everything You Wanted To Know About Metro Classics (But We're Afraid To Ask)

In these waning weeks, with the nine fabulous films in the upcoming Liars, Thieves & Cheats series approved and confirmed, Sean and I turn our attention to tasks such as perfecting the flyer copy and securing the weekly giveaways. Expect both to be unveiled here in due time.  We are also hard at work on confirming a super special secret surprise that we hope to announce later in the week (fingers dutifully crossed.)  All citizens of discerning taste are implored to stay tuned!

In the interim, have you ever wondered how this whole cavalcade of cinematic spectacle came to be? How two young men of humble origin rose through the ranks of middle management to host a neighborhood-renowned entertainment monolith?  Sure you did!  That's why today we present an interview conducted by our good pal Ryland Walker Knight over at that labyrinthine lair of logic, Vinyl Is Heavy.  This veritable Algonquin Round Table of caustic wit and informed analysis was held at the onset of the last series, Adaptations, which concluded in the spring.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Evening and Welcome to Metro Classics

Come in, come in. Saunter down the aisle with your bucket of popcorn and grab a seat in our new (hypothetical) digital auditorium. Allow us to introduce ourselves, we're Mike and Sean and we'll be your hosts, navigators and custodians for the duration of tonight's program. The show will begin in mere moments. . .

Thanks for visiting our mystical little site. We here at Metro Classics HQ designed this historic rest area on the Information Superhighway as a means of keeping you informed on all the goings-on with our unique showcase of repertory film. This blog will contain up-to-date programming information, links to articles relating to a particular film or theme, detailed critical analysis of things no one cares a whit about, and pictures of Sean's prize pony, the humbly-named Princess.

We extend this figurative gift certificate to the Olive Garden as a means of communicating and collaborating with you, our gracious, intelligent and incredibly attractive audience. Please step boldly into the digital fray.

And please, turn off your cell phones for the remainder of tonight's program.

Welcome to Metro Classics.