Monday, January 24, 2011

Metro Classics Goes to Hell

After a holiday season break, Metro Classics will be returning in March with a new nine week series.  Each week, we'll explore one of the Nine Circles of Dante's Hell.  The films aren't set yet, but the circles are.  Here's the schedule:

March 02 - Limbo
March 09 - Lust
March 16 - Gluttony
March 23 - Greed
March 30 - Anger
April  06 - Heresy
April  13 - Violence
April  20 - Fraud
April  27 - Treachery

Any guesses on what we'll be playing?  Any requests?  What's your favorite circle?  I'm partial to heresy myself; Mike is all about gluttony.  Vegan gluttony.  It's disturbing.


Anonymous said...

My near-impossible request would be Erich von Stroheim's Greed :) Very excited for the new series!

sean said...

That would be a great one. I think I have it on VHS around here somewhere. We could run that through our digital projector. . . .