Saturday, February 26, 2011

Win Your Office Oscar Pool By Avoiding All of the Choices Below!

As is tradition amongst those with no tangible reason for living, Metro Classics puts a lot of stock in our misconceived and ill-perceived wisdom when the Oscars roll around.  Last year, as with every year since the Big Bang, Sean defeated Mike by one measly vote.  This may in fact not be true, as our fact-checking department was far too lazy to verify said claim, even more reason for you to take the following prognostications with a King Kong-sized handful of salt.  That's a lot of salt.  Speaking of sodium, the first and most important lesson when picking 2011's winners: do not give any award to action pictures starring Angelina Jolie.  Not even for sound mixing.  That's just stupid.

Leading Actor:

Mike: Colin Firth, the King's Speech
Sean: Colin Firth, the King's Speech

Supporting Actor:

Mike: Christian Bale, the Fighter
Sean: Christian Bale, the Fighter

Leading Actress:

Mike: Natalie Portman, the Black Swan
Sean: Natalie Portman, the Black Swan

Supporting Actress: 

Mike: Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit
Sean: Melissa Leo, the Fighter

Animated Feature:

Mike: Toy Story 3
Sean: Toy Story 3

Art Direction:

Mike: Inception
Sean: The King's Speech


Mike: True Grit
Sean: True Grit

Costume Design:

Mike: The King's Speech
Sean: Alice in Wonderland


Mike: David Fincher, the Social Network
Sean: Tom Hooper, the King's Speech

Documentary Feature:

Mike: Exit through the Gift Shop
Sean: Inside Job

Documentary Short Subject:

Mike: Killing in the Name
Sean: Strangers No More

Film Editing:

Mike: The Social Network
Sean: Black Swan

Foreign Language Film:

Mike: Incendies
Sean: In a Better World

Make Up:

Mike: The Wolf Man
Sean: The Wolf Man

Original Score:

Mike: The Social Network
Sean: the King's Speech

Original Song:

Mike: "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3
Sean: "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3

Animated Short:

Mike: Day & Night
Sean: Day & Night

Live Action Short:

Mike: God of Love
Sean: Wish 143

Sound Editing:

Mike: Inception
Sean: Inception

Sound Mixing:

Mike: Inception
Sean: Inception

Visual Effects:

Mike: Inception
Sean: Inception

Adapted Screenplay:

Mike: The Social Network
Sean: The Social Network

Original Screenplay:

Mike: the King's Speech
Sean: the King's Speech

Best Picture:

Mike: the King's Speech
Sean: the King's Speech


sean said...

I think I won 18-15.

Mikey said...

I'll always have the Tonys...