Friday, November 13, 2009

Roses are Edna

Pray tell, what is the spell
Tell me what is the science
That made someone so swell
As Edna Purviance??

Silent siren of the silver screen
Your marvelous mug in the magazines

In beautiful bliss and in pitiful peril
You acted much better than Virginia Cherrill
As a lover and mother
There were no others
To compete with your beauty
You irascible cutie
So peerless and fearless
No one was left tearless
By Charlot's bien-amie

In films I count as thirty-three.

And wouldn't you dare us
As A Woman of Paris
To have us pining away
Til the end of our days?

Oh Edna Purviance
You've got my compliance
To follow your face
Of wonder and grace
Your orbital eyes
That no men despise
Oh heavenly skin
That knows no sin
As you are untouched by reality

But Edna dear let's make one thing clear
Before I bid adieu

There's something I must tell you

A secret I should speak before next week
My heart is a flutter, I hope I don't stutter

For as I prepare myself to retire
I really love Kathryn McGuire

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