Monday, April 5, 2010

Links: Barton Fink

Offscreen hosts a 23-page essay by Randall Barnes on the expert sound design of Barton Fink.

The A.V. Club analyzes the early scene when Barton checks into the Hotel Earle in their Scenic Route series.

Heading to L.A. soon?  If so, you can visit the shooting locations of Barton Fink thanks to 

A pair of bonus links this week since Sean and I were too lazy to write anything original for the blog.  Back in 2007 we participated in a Coen Bros blog-a-thon (that coincidentally everyone else was too lazy to write anything for).   Sean expertly defends the Coens from attacks by ivory-tower-ensconced critics, while I just basically drool over the Man Who Wasn't There.


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