Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ryland Walker Knight on Charade: Sparking Your Brain Cells to the Utmost

Earlier this week I noticed that our good pal Ryland Walker Knight had queued up Charade, the Ricky Henderson* of our imminent Liars, Thieves & Cheats series. Finding out that this home viewing would be his inaugural experience of the film, I tasked Ryland (as he has done so many times with me) with writing down his thoughts on the picture. He most graciously took on the assignment and turned the whole thing around in about 24 hours (very much unlike me).

Read his impressions over at his homestead Vinyl Is Heavy.

*Two things: First, I had to drop the A's reference for us Bay Area heads (Ryland and me) and secondly how is it that I make the first baseball reference on the blog? Baseball for me is frozen in 1989 when I last cared a whit, whilst Sean sleeps in Mariners bedsheets.


sean said...

Indeed, I can even spell Rickey Henderson's name correctly.

Mikey said...

I rest my case.

sean said...

If I remember correctly, Rickey will be the second former Mariner inducted into the Hall Of Fame.