Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Excuse For Me To Post The Ikiru Trailer

One of my favorite things about the filmspotting podcast is that, unlike most film review chatter, they also take the time to talk in-depth about old movies. So much of our experience of film is rooted in what is new (for reasons and effects that I could rant about at more length than is necessary right now), that it's nice every once in a while to be reminded that our cinematic past can be just as relevant to our movie present as whatever happens to be busting our block this week, if we want it to be. That is, more or less, what we're shooting for with Metro Classics as well.

Each filmspotting episode comes with a Top 5 list, wherein the hosts list their Top 5 of a certain category of films or actors (Con Movies, Movies About Poverty, Film Performances By TV Stars, etc). They also have ongoing Marathons, wherein they attempt to fill in some hole in their cinematic experience by watching a half dozen films of a certain genre or director. Past Marathons include Westerns, Musicals, 70s Sci-Fi, Classic Heist Movies, and so on. Their current Marathon is Films By Akira Kurosawa and this next next week's episode will feature reviews of this former Metro Classic:

You can listen to the show at the filmspotting website, or subscribe to it through iTunes.

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