Monday, August 9, 2010

Links: King Kong

King Kong was enthusiastically received in the New York Times back in 1933, as you can read in this plot-heavy review. "Constant exclamations issued from the Radio City Music Hall yesterday. "What a man!" observed one youth when the ape forced down the great oaken door on the island."

For a more historical perspective on the film, we have Roger Ebert's Great Movies review. "On good days I consider Citizen Kane the seminal film of the sound era, but on bad days it is King Kong. That is not to say I dislike King Kong, which, in this age of technical perfection, uses its very naivete to generate a kind of creepy awe."

Finally, we have the entirety of The Lost World, from 1925. This silent adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle story features pioneering stop-motion animation work from Willis O'Brien, who managed to top his work here with Kong eight years later.

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