Monday, August 23, 2010

Links: Meet Me in St. Louis

Bosley Crowther reviewed the film for the New York Times back on November 29th, 1944 and found it "a ginger peachy show":

"Let those who would savor their enjoyment of innocent family merriment with the fragrance of dried-rose petals and who would revel in girlish rhapsodies make a bee-line right down to the Astor. For there's honey to be had inside."

Robbie Freeling at Reverse Shot argues for Meet Me in St. Louis as one of the all-time great Halloween films:

"Even though Minnelli doesn’t go for the full fright or perform any sort of supernatural intervention, he accomplishes what’s most important: he creates an unnerving setting in which it seems like anything can happen. Kind of like Halloween itself."

Bob Dylan sang "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on the terrific Christmas album he put out last year. Unfortunately, there's no video for that one, but there is for this:

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