Sunday, October 24, 2010

Links: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

When I asked him for poll ideas this week, Mike suggested "Who is your favorite Stooge?", but I was mystified as to its connection to this week's film.  I should have read this review of the film, from The New York Times back in 1987.  For the record, Iggy is my favorite Stooge.

Roger Ebert took another tack, however, looking at it as some kind of deconstruction of Stooginess:

"look a little closer and you'll realize that the movie is a fairly sophisticated satire. Level One viewers will say it's in bad taste. Level Two folks like myself will perceive that it is about bad taste."

I'm, going to stay out of that argument. and note instead that it's a big week for zombies in Seattle, as Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell will be in town this weekend to perform a wedding at the EMP.  Unfortunately, I'm already married, but maybe Mike should see if he can get in on this?

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