Thursday, July 7, 2011

CLOSED: Classics Contest Part II (Now With Helpful Hints) !!

Update, the 2nd: We have a winner!  The unveiling of the final four films can be found at the bottom of this post.  

Update: We have added helpful hints to the films pictured below.  You have until 10:00 post meridiem Friday, the 15th of July to enter. Good luck!

We have received final confirmation on the last four films for the first half of our upcoming series!  Everything is now booked!  In celebration of this momentous occasion we have decided to give away free stuff, namely a free admission to our inaugural film, Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca, which screens Wednesday, 3 August.  To win, be the first person to correctly identify all four films shown below on our Facebook wall.  Keep the five titles previously unveiled in mind because they share similar titular qualities.

A highly collectible flyer should debut in about a week's time.  Stay tuned to this page for more information on giveaways, showtimes and other malarkey.

10 August:

(Both Vincent Gallo and S.F. band Girls share a song title with this film noir.)

31 August:

(A Grammy Award-winning Coen brothers film stole its title from this comedy.)

7 September:

(One of this film's co-stars released his film Faces the same year.)

21 September:

(If this film's subtitle was poorly translated it may have wound up Ghostly Women Above the City of Love.)

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