Monday, July 11, 2011

Metro Classics All-Stars!

Major League Baseball's All-Star game is tomorrow in Arizona.  The All-Star game is pretty much the most pointless thing in the entire universe and it is even more annoying because it keeps us all away from real, tangible baseball for three whole days.  (How, oh how can we go that long without seeing the Mariners slide ever further down the AL West ladder?)  I thought I would attempt to one-up the utter uselessness of the grandstanding exhibition by posing a question to Sean.  If we could pick a Metro Classics All-Stars calendar, what films would make the cut?   Of course, being the two of us I had to turn it into a competition.  The rules were simple: we could only pick one film from each series and we alternated first round picks.  Below are our two teams, I mean lists.  Let your voice be heard and vote in the poll on the left to choose the superior series.  If you went to the Metro every Wednesday and these films were playing next door to one another, which one would you plop down mama's Visa for?  Keep in mind, I will consider all of Sean's votes as those cast in pity.  Also, feel free to post your All-Star series in the comments.  You're probably better at all of this than we are anyway.

The Goofy Gilmans  vs  The Superior (Not the City) Strenskis

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans                        Duck Soup
Days of Heaven                                                The New World
Funny Face                                                       The Red Shoes
Black Narcissus                                                La Strada
The Band Wagon                                            Some Like it Hot
Kiss Me Kate                                                  Pennies from Heaven
Charade                                                         F for Fake
Chungking Expres                                             Rio Bravo
All That Jazz                                                   Barton Fink
The Shop Around the Corner                       The Princess Bride
The Rules of the Game                                     The Iron Giant
Vertigo                                                          Seven Samurai

Play ball! 

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