Thursday, December 17, 2009

Classics Calendar Update

We have just received word on the first round of bookings for the upcoming spring series. Please join in the communal giddiness. The Quiet Man on St. Patrick's Day! More Buster Keaton!! Sunset Blvd.!!! KHAAAAAAN!!!!!! Please keep your eyes, ears and minds tuned to the sidebar over the next few weeks for further updates.

It's going to be crazy!


hildyjohnson said...

The Lady Eve, Steamboat Bill, Jr., Cops, The Quiet Man & Sunset Blvd? Get out of my head! You've already created my dream schedule. May I suggest: Notorious, Out of the Past, Nothing Sacred, Safety Last, They Were Expendable, Only Angels Have Wings, All About Eve, Key Largo, Stagecoach, Duck Soup, Johnny Eager.
You guys are doing great and your work is much appreciated. Can't wait for the new season.
Thanks especially for the Keaton.

Mikey said...

Thanks Hildy for the kind response and generous suggestions. Quite a few of your requests have already played Metro Classics (Notorious, All About Eve, Duck Soup). We'll have to save those for our Best-Of/Victory Lap calendar.

The rest of this upcoming calendar is tentatively booked but we will most certainly entertain your suggestions for a future series.

This is the second request for Key Largo in a month so that will most definitely be thrown on a future short list.